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Self-Care is Foundational to WellBeing Beyond Cancer

Kaleidoscope View is an invitation to commit to a steady and intentional self-care practice for as little as 20 minutes daily. Research has shown self care is the foundational work required for physical and emotional wellbeing. By actively practicing, you will begin to find your footing, come home to center with greater confidence in the face of adversity, and recognize how a calm body and open heart can change your view. Presented in small blocks of time by experts in the areas of compassion, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, beauty, body positivity, and end of life.


Our featured contributors

Vicky studied "Yoga for Survivors" with Laura Kupperman and has been teaching yoga to cancer patients at any stage of their recovery for 7 years. Her classes are designed to provide a safe refuge to come and practice yoga. The classes should help you sleep better, feel less fatigued and enjoy a better quality of life.

Vicky Fox

Known for over two decades as the award-winning iconic American supermodel, and trusted voice in the beauty, wellness, inclusive fashion and news industries, Emme is a Mom, cancer survivor, and is recognized globally as a lead influencer for positive body image and self- esteem.


Karen has been living in Vail, Colorado and practicing yoga for more than 25 years. Her yoga practice began as a complement to athletic training, but has become a guide to moving through the world with relaxed attention and an open heart.

Karen Anderson

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